How to get low-priced New Jersey Auto Insurance Quotes

Here’s a question for you.

It’s required by law and something all drivers must have. In fact, we must carry proof of it and surrender it if asked by law enforcement.

What is it?

It’s auto insurance.  It covers us if we get an accident, protecting us from the possibility of financial disaster. So not only is it required, but it’s a smart thing to have.

Maybe you’ve been with the same carrier for a long time. Maybe you think you’re getting a good deal. But are you really?  Let’s find out.

Got no time

“But I don’t have time to read up on everything involved in getting low-priced NJ auto insurance quotes,” you might say.  You’re right—it’s not easy to understand the lay of the land.  You probably feel uninformed and the last thing you want to do is look up the law and other requirements.

Let us help you. Right here, right now, in a short article that will point out some of the tricks to make getting a good deal easier than ever. In the time it would take you to eat half a sandwich, you’ll know the most important factors in finding good NJ auto insurance quotes. Why pay more if you don’t have to?

Comparison shop

First, comparing different carriers is the smart thing to do. If you’ve been doing business for a long time with the same company, you may think their rates are competitive. But are they? Compare to a few others and see. In fact, if your current company knows you are looking around, they may give you a discount just to keep your business.

Before you do, make sure you are comparing the same things.  Every state requires its drivers to have minimum coverage. Make sure you know what that is and start there. You can always add coverage if you want to. Any quote that sounds different from the others needs to be looked at it again. Is it exactly the same coverage?

Many drivers insure with the same company from which they get other coverage.  That is called “bundling coverage” and usually comes with a discounted rate. Sometimes it’s a good discount and other times it’s not that large.  By all means, find out! Why pay more if you don’t have to?

Look for flexibility

Maybe you need monthly payments to ease your financial burden each month. Find out if that’s possible.  But maybe you can pay all at once. Some companies will discount their rates if you can pay annually. Find out.

If you own a home, it shows stability and some companies will cut their auto policy rate for you. You don’t even have to insure your home with them. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.  This discount raises another point, and that is — ask about all the discounts available because you never know which you already qualify for.

If  you are insuring a young driver, you already know how expensive it can be. Find out if the company offers a Good Student Discount.  Yes, it pays to get good grades. Literally.  Or maybe you are a student, yourself. You may qualify, even if you are older.

Safety means a lot

Car insurers are all about safety. They love safety features and they reward drivers whose cars have them by giving discounts. Anti-lock brakes can get you a discount. So can air bags or other passive restraints.  Bet you didn’t know those things could make a difference in getting cheap NJ auto insurance quotes.

If you are a safe driver, you may also get a discount. That means no tickets in the past few years and no accidents or claims. Or maybe a discount for taking a safe driving course at any age. Each company has its own kind of safety discounts and it is smart to find out about them.  You might even decide to take a defensive driving course just to lower your car coverage rate.  Why pay higher rates if you don’t have to?

Some cars cost more to ensure

Some cars are more expensive to insure than others, and not necessarily luxury brands. Some Hondas are more expensive to insure and so is the Chevy Cobalt. But some Mazda Miatas are cheap to insure and so are Subaru Outback 4WD vehicles.  Also, many insurers will give you a new car discount—if you buy a new car, find out.

Don’t forget that there is more to it than just getting reasonable NJ auto insurance quotes. Customer service doesn’t have to be a lost art–how the company treats its customers is also something to look at.  Insurers should be able to tell you how quickly they respond to a claim. After all, you don’t want to be spending  out-of-pocket for medical bills and repairs that your insurer should cover.