Radically lower your NJ car insurance

You will have a pretty tough time finding too many people in New Jersey (or anywhere else, for that matter) that don’t have a problem with shelling out a ridiculous amount of money each month for car insurance – coverage and protection that they may never use!

We won’t say it’s throwing away money, but only because if you do ever have to take advantage of top-notch NJ protection you need to be 100% certain that you have it under your belt!

At the same time, there is absolutely zero reason whatsoever to blow any more money on NJ car insurance policies than absolutely necessary. We are going to share with you some tips and tricks that can help you save a boatload of money on your car coverage – way more money than you ever would have been able to all on your own.

Let’s dive right in!

You absolutely HAVE to shop around

It is going to be impossible – and we mean IMPOSSIBLE – to save any money whatsoever on NJ car insurance without really doing all of your due diligence and shopping around.

The overwhelming majority of people out there have a tendency to take advantage of the first deal that they come across, getting their hands on any offer that promises to be the best they’ll find anywhere – letting the companies do all of the heavy lifting for them.

If you take that kind of approach your post guaranteeing that you will be taken advantage of, and you had better believe that you’ll never get a great deal on coverage at all.

What you want to do instead is really focus on getting your hands on at least three (and hopefully five) different NJ car insurance quotes from different companies and organizations in the state or nationwide so that you are able to understand exactly how much money companies are charging – and whether or not you first quote is in the ballpark.

The Internet has made it effortless to do this research, but you still need to make sure that you are going to be able to compare quotes accurately. Make sure that you are including as much information as humanly possible in these quotes, and make sure that the coverage levels are as close to equal across the board.

It’s the only way to be sure that you are getting the best prices!

Don’t be afraid of leveraging this information during negotiations

At the same time, you aren’t going to be able to get the very best prices on NJ car insurance unless you are willing to do a little bit of heavy lifting – and that means going toe to toe against the companies while asking for the best possible price and then asking for an even better one.

You’ll want to use all of the information that you have been able to leverage from companies through their quotes against other  company offers – and you’ll want to try and squeeze as much money out of these companies as you can.

Don’t feel bad about this kind of approach, either. A lot of people get squeamish when it comes time to ask for a better deal than most people get, but that better deal is going to be possible simply because the overwhelming majority of folks purchasing NJ car insurance aren’t going to take the extra step necessary to negotiate for better rates.

Trust us – the companies can afford to give you a fantastic deal. They are making up for it (and then some) off of other drivers!

Play hardball with your current NJ car insurance company

It is always a good idea to ask your current company for a better deal every six months to a year or so, has you’ll be able to use your brand and business loyalty – not to mention any other  policies you have under the same roof – as leverage to unlock significant savings.

These companies know exactly how expensive it is to try and get people to become customers with them in the first place, and they want to lose as few of them as possible to their direct competitors.

When you come to them with a proposal that you pay less for your company they will almost always offer you some kind of deal to stick around – but the deal will ALWAYS be better if you tell them that you have already begun to research different offers and opportunities.

Take a little bit of time to do research on new car coverage offers and then use that information as leverage to get better deals from the company that you have been with all the law.

You may be surprised at the amount of money you’re able to save just by shopping around like this!