Decoding NJ insurance codes offers and opportunities

Most everyone understands that coverage pays a critical role in modern life, even though the overwhelming majority of folks aren’t exactly all that excited about having to pony up though each month and giving it away to companies.

On top of that, there are so many different codes that need to be deciphered – and so many different types of coverage in New Jersey to take advantage of – that it can feel almost impossible to navigate the industry landscape as it sits today.

Combine that with all kinds of legislation that continues to transform this industry on a seemingly daily basis and you were looking at a tremendously sticky situation here.

Thankfully though, with the information we are able to provide you with below, you shouldn’t have too terribly much to worry about when it comes to deciphering NJ insurance codes and making sure that you are protected with the best offers available.

Shall we dive right in?


Let’s get right to it.

Homeowners Insurance NJ

The best homeowners policy in New Jersey is going to make sure that you, your property, and all of your possessions are protected against much anything and everything that could happen to them.

The right policy is going to cost only a small fraction of what your mortgage does each month but will provide you with protection against theft, Mother Nature, fire, and most liabilities as well.

You need to be sure that the policy you are taking advantage of is provided by the best New Jersey company around – and you will always be able to save a considerable amount of money on this policy when you bundle it with other opportunities.

It’s always a good idea to be sure that your policy takes advantage of recent NJ codes, and that it covers the replacement value of your home as opposed to the market value.

On top of that, you’ll want to keep your deductible as low as you can so that you save money each month on coverage while putting money away as a nest egg in case you need repairs or to meet those deductibles later down the line.

Auto Insurance NJ

At the end of the day, a big piece of the insurance puzzle in New Jersey comes down to finding the best auto coverage around. Hopefully you’ll be find a top-notch company that offers you complete and comprehensive coverage without threatening to put a dent in your bank account, the kind of company that will treat you like a client and not an adversary if you need to leverage the policy that you’re paying for.

Health Insurance NJ

With the passage of the Affordable Care, every US citizen needs to be protected with a health policy – but it isn’t anywhere near as simple or as straightforward a process as it was supposed to be.

The marketplace was supposed to be dramatically streamlined, the opportunity to purchase inexpensive coverage was supposed to be overwhelming, and the coverage you were supposed to receive was going to be top notch.

That has not been everyone’s experience, but that doesn’t mean that you can afford to go without top-quality coverage these days.

This is a big part of cracking those codes, and a critical component to modern day life. You need to have the best insurance you can when it comes to your health, insurance that won’t break your bank account should you need to visit a hospital for emergency services.

Renters Insurance NJ

Renters is a lot like the policy that you are going to receive as a homeowner, but it obviously isn’t going to cover the property as much as homeowners would – simply because you don’t need it to.

This is instead going to protect you, your property, and any liability you may have, and will almost always provide a considerable amount of coverage against theft.

This is the kind of policy and that you are going to want to carry regardless of the type of property that you are renting. Whether you’re in an apartment, a house, or a town home/condo, you’ll want to be sure that you have legitimate renters coverage under your belt. There’s no reason to risk your financial future without this incredibly inexpensive coverage.

Life Insurance NJ

Life is one of those policies that most people don’t even think about until they are later in life, but it’s advantageous to look into the it when you were younger so that you pay less up front – and inevitably less over time – while still getting the opportunity to take advantage of incredible protection on a day to day basis.

It’s never fun talking about our own morality, but with the right life plan protecting you and those you love you won’t have anything to worry about.

Below is the complete list of NJ insurance codes.

New Jersey DMV numerical company code listing


001 Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Co. Ltd.
002 Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Co.
003 Mid-Century Insurance Co.
004 ACE Property & Casualty Insurance Co.
005 First Nonprofit Insurance Co.
006 Unitrin Direct Insurance Co.
007 Tower National Insurance Co.
008 Selective Auto Insurance Company of NJ
009 Sentry Casualty Co.
010 Travelers Indemnity Company of America
011 Ohio Security Insurance Co.
012 Allstate New Jersey Insurance Co.
013 Protective Insurance Co.
014 American Automobile Insurance Co.
015 American Casualty Company of Reading, PA
016 XL Specialty Insurance Co.
017 Palisades Insurance Co.
018 21st Century Assurance Co.
019 Amica Property & Casualty Insurance Co.
020 North American Elite Insurance Co.
021 First Guard Insurance Co.
022 SPARTA Insurance Co.
023 Great American Assurance Co.
024 American Contractors Insurance Co., RRG
025 American Guarantee & Liability Insurance Co.
026 Motorists Commercial Mutual Insurance Co.
027 Knightbrook Insurance Co.
028 Global Liberty Insurance Company of NY
029 HDI Gerling America Insurance Co.
030 Darwin National Assurance Co.
031 Starr Indemnity and Liability Co.
032 Ameriguard Risk Retention Group Inc.
033 Great American Insurance Company of NY
034 Ironshore Indemnity Inc.
035 American Security Insurance Co.
036 Travelers Excess & Surplus Lines Co.
037 Allied World National Assurance Co.
038 National Continental Insurance Co.
039 American Compensation Insurance Co.
040 Florists’ Mutual Insurance Co.
041 Amerisure Insurance Co.
042 New Jersey Indemnity Insurance Co.
043 Associated Indemnity Corp.
044 Assurance Company of America
045 Atlantic Mutual Insurance Co.
046 New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association
047 New Jersey Skylands Insurance Co.
048 Scottsdale Insurance Co.
049 U.S. Specialty Insurance Co.
050 Berkley Regional Insurance Co.
051 Berkley National Insurance Co.
052 Balboa Insurance Co.
053 Praetorian Insurance Co.
054 Allstate New Jersey Property & Casualty Insurance Co.
055 ACE Indemnity Insurance Co.
056 Indiana Insurance Co.
057 Bankers Standard Insurance Co.
058 IDS Property Casualty Insurance Co.
059 AIG Property Casualty Co.
060 Bituminous Casualty Corp.
061 American Modern Home Insurance Co.
062 Alliance Assurance Company of America
063 Preferred Professional Insurance Co.
064 Response Insurance Co.
065 Imperium Insurance Co.
066 Evergreen USA RRG Group
067 American Family Home Insurance Co.
068 First Keystone Risk Retention Group Inc.
069 Yosemite Insurance Co.
070 Crum & Forster Indemnity Co.
071 Esurance Insurance Company of NJ
072 BancInsure Inc.
073 Camden Fire Insurance Association
074 State National Insurance Company Inc.
075 Indiana Lumbermans Mutual Insurance Co.
076 Centennial Insurance Co.
077 American Mining Insurance Co.
078 American Southern Home Insurance Co.
079 Markel American Insurance Co.
080 Charter Oak Fire Insurance Co.
081 American Road Insurance Co.
082 Carolina Casualty Insurance Co.
083 Trumbull Insurance Co.
084 Hartford Casualty Insurance Co.
085 National Continental Insurance
086 AXA Insurance Co.
087 Commerce & Industry Insurance Co.
088 United Farm Family Insurance Co.
090 Liberty Mutual Mid-Atlantic Insurance Co.
091 High Tech Services RRG Inc.
092 United States Liability Insurance Co.
093 Northfield Insurance Co.
094 Housing Authority RRG Inc.
095 National Independent Truckers Insurance Co. RRG
096 Personal Service Insurance Co.
097 Continental Casualty Co.
098 Continental Insurance Co.
099 Nova Casualty Co.
100 GEICO Indemnity Co.
101 GEICO Casualty Co.
102 Old Republic General Insurance Corp.
103 American Reliable Insurance Co.
104 Safety National Casualty Corp.
105 Seneca Insurance Co.
106 National General Insurance Co.
107 Rochdale Insurance Co.
108 Employers Fire Insurance Co.
109 Canel Insurance Co.
110 Employers Mutual Casualty Co.
111 Empire Fire & Marine Insurance Co.
112 Employers Insurance Company of Wausau
113 Plaza Insurance Co.
114 Sentinel Insurance Ltd.
115 Catlin Indemnity Co.
116 Excelsior Insurance Co.
117 Hermitage Insurance Co.
118 Jamestown Insurance Co. RRG
119 Markel Insurance Co.
120 Ocean Risk Retention Group Inc.
121 OOIDA Risk Retention Group Inc.
122 Steadfast Insurance Co.
123 Everest National Insurance Co.
124 Federal Insurance Co.
125 21st Century National Insurance Co.
126 Federated Mutual Insurance Co.
127 Acceptance Indemnity Insurance Co.
128 Allmerica Financial Benefit Insurance Co.
129 Fidelity & Guaranty Insurance Underwriters Inc.
130 Allmerica Financial Alliance Insurance Co.
131 Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co.
132 Falls Lake Insurance Co.
133 Progressive Freedom Insurance Co.
134 Progressive Garden State Insurance c/o Progressive
135 Drive New Jersey Insurance Co.
136 Pacific Specialty Insurance Co.
137 Pinelands Insurance Co. RRG Inc.
138 Rampart Insurance Co.
139 Encompass Property & Casualty Co. of NJ
140 General Insurance Co. of America
141 Amica Mutual Insurance Co.
142 Transportation Liability Insurance Co.
143 Guarantee Insurance Co.
144 QBE Insurance Corp.
145 Arch Insurance Co.
146 The Automobile Insurance Co. of Hartford Connecticut
147 Essentia Insurance Co.
148 Government Employees Insurance Co.
149 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.
150 Nationwide Agri Business Insurance Co.
151 Granite State Insurance Co.
152 Graphic Arts Mutual Insurance Co.
153 Harleysville Insurance Co.
154 Great American Insurance Co.
155 Great Northern Insurance Co.
156 Greater New York Mutual Insurance Co.
157 Harco National Insurance Co.
158 Hanover Insurance Co.
159 Pro Century Insurance Co.
160 Sentry Insurance, A Mutual Co.
161 Hartford Accident & Indemnity Co.
162 Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
163 Castle Point Insurance Co.
164 Foremost Property and Casualty Insurance Co.
165 AXIS Insurance Co.
166 Wesco Insurance Co.
167 National Liability and Fire Insurance Co.
168 Harleysville Worcester Insurance Co.
169 National Specialty Insurance Co.
170 Farmers Insurance Exchange
171 Evergreen National Indemnity Co.
172 American Commerce Insurance Co.
173 WRM America Indemnity Company Inc.
174 Paramount Insurance Co.
175 Insurance Company of the State of PA
176 Acadia Insurance Co.
177 Fireman’s Insurance Company of Washington, D.C.
178 California Casualty and Fire Insurance Co.
179 Jefferson Insurance Co.
180 ARCOA Risk Retention Group
181 Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange
182 Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
183 Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.
184 Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange
185 National Interstate Insurance Company of Hawaii Inc.
186 American Service Insurance Co.
187 Amguard Insurance Co.
188 Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company of America
189 Travelers Casualty Insurance Company of Amercia
190 Lumbermen’s Mutual Casualty Co.
191 Zurich American Insurance Company of Illinois
192 LM Insurance Corp.
193 First Liberty Insurance Corp.
194 Lumber Mutual Insurance Co.
195 Firstline National Insurance Co.
196 Truck Insurance Exchange
197 AmTrust Insurance Company of Kansas Inc.
198 Maryland Casualty Co.
199 Massachusetts Bay Insurance Co.
200 USAA General Indemnity Co.
201 Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Co.
202 Spirit Commercial Auto Risk Retention Group Inc.
203 Allied World Insurance Co.
204 Merchants’ Mutual Insurance Co.
205 Selective Casualty Insurance Co.
206 Selective Fire and Casualty Insurance Co.
207 Selective Insurance Company of New England
208 Torus National Insurance Co.
209 Tokio Marine America Insurance Co.
210 Sompo Japan Fire & Marine Insurance Co. of America
211 Foremost Signature Insurance Co.
212 New York Marine and General Insurance Co.
213 Pennsylvania National Security Insurance Co.
214 Amerisure Mutual Insurance Co.
215 Merchants Preferred Insurance Co.
216 First Financial Insurance Co.
217 Western United Insurance Co.
218 Hiscox Insurance Co.
219 Union Insurance Co.
220 Continental Western Insurance
221 Conifer Insurance Co.
224 National Fire Insurance Company of Hartford
227 National Surety Corp.
228 National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh
232 Netherlands Insurance Co.
235 New Hampshire Insurance Co.
236 Navigators Insurance Co.
238 Generali United States Branch
241 Hartford Mutual Insurance Co.
242 Hartford Underwriters Insurance Co.
243 Stonington Insurance Co.
244 Strathmore Insurance Co.
248 Northbrook Indemnity Co.
250 North River Insurance Co.
251 NIPPONKOA Insurance Co. Ltd. (U.S. Branch)
252 Northern Assurance Company of America
253 Discover Property & Casualty Insurance Co.
254 Northern Insurance Company of NY
256 Companion Property & Casualty Insurance Co.
257 Northwestern National Insurance Co.
263 Old Republic Insurance Co.
268 Pacific Indemnity Co.
275 Pennsylvania General Insurance Co.
276 Pennsylvania Lumbermen’s Mutual Insurance Co.
278 Penn Millers Insurance Co.
279 Pennsylvania National Mutual Casualty Insurance Co.
280 Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Co.
282 Phoenix Insurance Co.
284 Atlantic Specialty Insurance Co.
287 Preferred Mutual Insurance Co.
288 Guideone Mutual Insurance Co.
291 Public Service Mutual Insurance Co.
292 Westport Insurance Co.
307 St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Co.
308 St. Paul Mercury Insurance Co.
312 Great Divide Insurance Co.
315 Encompass Insurance Company of NJ
322 Hudson Insurance Co.
332 Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company of America
335 RLI Insurance Co.
338 Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd. (U.S. Branch)
341 Travelers Property Casualty Company of America
342 Transcontinental Insurance Co.
343 Transportation Insurance Co.
344 Travelers Indemnity Co.
347 Twin City Fire Insurance Co.
348 Twin Lights Insurance Co.
355 United Services Automobile Association
357 United States Fidelity & Guaranty Co.
358 United States Fire Insurance Co.
360 Founders Insurance Co.
361 Tower Insurance Company of NY
364 Utica Mutual Insurance Co.
366 Valley Forge Insurance Co.
367 XL Insurance America Inc.
368 Vigilant Insurance Co.
370 Wausau Underwriters Insurance Co.
372 Westchester Fire Insurance Co.
374 Wausau Business Insurance Co.
375 Wilshire Insurance Co.
376 Regent Insurance Co.
377 Sentinel Insurance Co.
378 Sompo Japan Insurance Company of America
379 Zurich American Insurance Co.
381 General Casualty Company of Wisconsin
391 American European Insurance Co.
392 Foremost Insurance Co. of Grand Rapids
400 ACE Fire Underwriters Insurance Co.
404 Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance RRG
411 High Point Property & Casualty Insurance Co.
413 High Point Safety & Insurance Co.
422 Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association
423 Pacific Employers Insurance Co.
426 New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Co.
435 Lumbermen’s Underwriting Alliance
436 Countryway Insurance Co.
440 American Family Home Insurance Co.
444 Fairmont Specialty Insurance Co.
448 Cumis Insurance Society Inc.
451 General Security National Insurance Co.
453 Insurance Company of Greater NY
457 Transguard Insurance Company of America Inc.
463 Electric Insurance Co.
465 Ohio Casualty Insurance Co.
466 West American Insurance Co.
468 Diamond State Insurance Co.
476 Century Indemnity Co.
480 Sentry Select Insurance Co.
482 21st Century Centennial Insurance Co.
485 Argonaut Insurance Co.
487 ACE American Insurance Company Consumer Solutions Group
489 Fidelity & Deposit Company of MD
612 Travelers Indemnity Company of CT
615 TNUS Insurance Co.
619 Republic Western Insurance Co.
624 Fidelity & Guaranty Insurance Co.
628 Illinois National Insurance Co.
631 Lancer Insurance Co.
632 Teachers Auto Insurance Company of NJ
633 Cincinnati Insurance Co.
637 Northland Insurance Co.
638 Virginia Surety Company Inc.
639 Geico General Insurance Co.
642 Vanliner Insurance Co.
648 Citizens Insurance Company of America
650 Greenwich Insurance Co.
651 Athena Assurance Co.
653 Church Mutual Insurance Co.
654 SUA Insurance Co.
655 Hartford Insurance Company of Midwest
656 Argonaut Midwest Insurance Co.
658 Garden State Indemnity Company Inc.
660 21st Century Premier Insurance Co.
661 MIC Property & Casualty Insurance Co.
664 Peerless Indemnity Insurance Co.
673 Republic Franklin Insurance Co.
674 United Financial Casualty Co.
698 Titan Indemnity Co.
771 Westfield Insurance Co.
802 Harleysville Mutual Insurance Co.
810 Mercury Indemnity Company of America
811 Universal Underwriters Insurance Co.
813 Bituminous Fire & Marine Insurance Co.
816 Selective Insurance Company of America
818 Occidental Fire & Casualty Company of NC
823 USAA Casualty Insurance Co.
825 Fitchburg Mutual Insurance Co.
833 Great West Casualty Co.
839 Farmers’ Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Salem County
845 Mercer Insurance Co.
846 Mercer Insurance Company of NJ
854 Farmers’ Insurance Company of Flemington
859 Argonaut-Southwest Insurance Co.
862 IFA Insurance Co.
864 Selective Way Insurance Co.
875 Great American Alliance
877 Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
878 Rider Insurance Co.
882 Progressive Casualty Insurance Co.
884 St. Paul Protective Insurance Co.
886 Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance USA Inc.
888 New Jersey Re-Insurance Co.
889 Liberty Insurance Underwriters Inc.
890 Atlantic Employers Insurance Co.
891 Indemnity Insurance Company of North America
892 Fairmont Premier Insurance Co.
895 American Fire & Casualty Co.
896 State Farm Guaranty Insurance
898 Rutgers Casualty Insurance Co.
899 Rutgers Enhanced Insurance Co.
900 American States Insurance Co.
901 Chubb Insurance Company of NJ
902 Trans Pacific Insurance Co.
904 Consumer First Insurance Co.
907 Starnet Insurance Co.
909 Safeco Insurance Company of America
910 Continental Insurance Company of NJ
911 Crum & Forster Insurance Co.
912 National Casualty Co.
913 Aegis Security Insurance Co.
914 Liberty Insurance Corp.
917 Harleysville Insurance Company of NJ
919 Fireman’s Fund Indemnity Corp.
922 Cumberland Insurance Co.
925 Harleysville Preferred Insurance Co.
926 North American Specialty Insurance Co.
930 Corepointe Insurance Co.
931 Upper Hudson National Insurance Co.
934 American Zurich Insurance Co.
936 American Millennium Insurance Co.
937 Euler Hermes American Credit Indemnity Co.
942 XL Reinsurance America Inc.
943 Valiant Insurance Co.
945 Metropolitan Property & Casualty Insurance Co.
946 Citizens United Reciprocal Exchange (CURE)
954 First Trenton Indemnity Co.
957 Manufacturers Alliance Insurance Co.
959 Pennsylvania Manufacturers Indemnity Co.
960 American Bankers Insurance Co.
961 AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance Company of NJ
962 State Farm Indemnity Co.
963 Palisades Safety & Insurance Association
965 Preserver Insurance Co.
966 Kodiak Insurance Co.
968 Star Insurance Co.
970 Houston General Insurance Co.
974 Homestead Insurance Co.
975 Indian Harbor Insurance Co.
976 General Agents Insurance Company of America Inc.
978 T.H.E. Insurance Co.
979 National Indemnity Co.
980 Essex Insurance Co.
983 Keystone Insurance Co.
984 St. Paul Medical Liability
985 American Alternative Insurance Corp.
987 Aioi Insurance Company of America
988 Farm Family Casualty Insurance Co.
989 Unitrin Preferred Insurance Co
990 ARI Casualty Co.
991 ARI Mutual Insurance Co.
992 Metropolitan Direct Property & Casualty Insurance Co.
993 Metropolitan Group Property & Casualty Insurance Co.
994 United National Insurance Co.
995 21st Century Pinnacle Insurance Co.
996 New Jersey Personal Auto Insurance Plan (PAIP) (Residual Market)
997 New Jersey Special Auto Insurance Plan (SAIP)
998 New Jersey Voluntary Basic Auto Program (VAPP)
999 New Jersey Automobile Insurance Plan (CAIP) (Residual Market)