Mistakes you can’t make buying cheapest health insurance in NJ

Trying to take advantage of the cheapest coverage in NJ can be a little bit more than a little bit complicated.

Sure, the Affordable Care Act set out to make purchasing a health policy in NJ as effortless as humanly possible, but all it really did was add a line more confusion to an already confusing process and has stopped people from getting the chance to take advantage of the kind of health insurance – inexpensive health insurance – that people deserve.

But there is hope.

When you take steps to avoid some of the most common mistakes people make all the time when shopping in Jersey you aren’t going to have to worry about a lot of the headache or the hassle that plagues millions of people in this state.

We are going to outline some of the most common buying mistakes that you need to be aware of in this quick guide, and we are going to help point you in the right direction so that you avoid all of this frustration.

Don’t just focus on the monthly premium and your deductible

One of – if not THE – biggest mistakes that people make when they set out to purchase a policy is paying attention exclusively to the monthly premium that you are going to be asked to pay and perhaps the doctor ball that you will have to pay out-of-pocket before you get the chance to unlock the coverage that you are owed.

This is a dangerous mistake that you have to avoid at all costs.

You see, a lot of people are tricked into purchasing the cheapest health insurance in NJ with a promise that they won’t have to worry about any surprises later down the line, but nothing could be further from the truth.

A lot of people discovered that you really do get exactly what you pay for, and that the cheapest premiums and the lowest deductibles resulted in a ridiculous coverage that is next to worthless.

Always make sure that you have purchased enough coverage that provides you with greatest value. Sure, you don’t necessarily want to go forward with the most expensive plan just because it promises the most, but you need to avoid choosing only the cheapest without considering the value of the coverage you’ll enjoy.

Don’t ignore or gloss over the fine print

According to the Vice President of the Customer Service Operations for one of the largest health insurers in the United States, Mr. William Byron, the biggest mistake that people make when they purchase the cheapest thing they can find, is that they do not pay attention to the fine print in their insurance agreement before signing on the dotted line.

People don’t pay attention to the charges that they will be assessed if they go outside of their network, people don’t pay attention to EXACTLY what kind of coverage they are actually purchasing, and people do not pay attention to the total out-of-pocket cost that they are going to be assessed when they actually have to take advantage of this protection in the first place.

That’s a major mistake that can be easily avoided just by taking a little bit of extra time out of your day and reading the fine print on this contract before you agree to absolutely anything.

This is especially true if you are serious about looking for the best but cheapest available. These are exactly the kinds of plans that are going to have tricky fine print somewhere on the agreement, and if you do not catch these clauses before you sign on the dotted line you’re going to be hooked – and there isn’t going to be any way out of it until you move on to a different plan with a different company.

Don’t make the mistake of NOT shopping around

You’d be surprised at the amount of people that simply jump on board any NJ health insurance plan that promises to be the cheapest – signing on the dotted line without ever actually researching whether or not it really is the cheapest coveryage you can find.

This is a major mistake you cannot make.

You’ll obviously want to take all of these promises with a grain of salt and you’re going to want to compare and contrast at least four or five different plans to make sure that you really are getting the best possible deal for New Jersey residents – the kind of fantastic health insurance you know will protect you and that won’t ever threatened to break your bank account.

Now you know exactly what to look for in the plans available!