New Jersey Homeowners Insurance

New Jersey is located in the northeastern region of the US. New Jersey is nicknamed the Garden State. This is because agriculture is a large industry for New Jersey. New Jersey ranks second in the country for its production of culinary herbs and blueberries. Therefore, a full 17% of NJ is dedicated to farmland.

Beginning in the 17th century, the Dutch and Swedes made the first European settlements here. Later, the English gained the entire region. The English named the region the Province of New Jersey, after the Channel Islands in Jersey.

New Jersey factories pushed the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century. The Industrial Revolution is the transition of handmade products to machine manufactured products. Prior to this, manufacturing was completed in homes using simple tools. The invention of the steam engine played a major part in the Industrial Revolution.

The Morris Canal was completed in 1831. It also helped with the acceleration of industrialization in the northern part of the state. The canal allowed for coal to be brought in from the Eastern Lehigh Valley to northern New Jersey.

Present day New Jersey is home to many creations. Some of these are: drive in movies, postcards, the boardwalk, saltwater taffy, and the ice cream cone. In New Jersey, it is very important to have your own homeowners insurance coverage. Having this coverage will protect your home from future damage. Read below to find out more regarding New Jersey Homeowners insurance quotes.


New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Quotes Tips and Information

After performing a recent study, we determined who offers the cheapest New Jersey homeowners insurance quotes. This study is based on a sample home of 2,200 square foot. Quotes were compared from four major companies. These companies included: Amica, Progressive, Farmers, and State Farm. After comparing the quotes received, we concluded that Amica offered the best rate of $720.

Which cities in New Jersey can you find the best rates? Towns in NJ that are located inland, in the middle of the state, are known for having the cheapest rates. The average price of New Jersey homeowners insurance quotes here is $981 per year.

If you are looking for the best deals for New Jersey homeowners insurance quotes, be sure to compare quotes from at least 3 different companies. You will receive a better idea of which company is for you. Also remember the cheapest rates in New Jersey are found in cities located in the center of the state. We only offer quotes for NJ residents. If you are looking for Homeowners Insurance for another state, try these guys.

All about the Most Popular Jersey Cities


The most populated city in New Jersey is Newark. This city has a population of 278,428. Newark is home to many leading companies that have their headquarters in this city. These companies include Panasonic, PSEG, and Prudential. The oldest park in the United States, Branch Brook Park is here. Branch Brook Park is home to the nation’s largest collection of cherry blossom trees. New Jersey homeowners insurance quotes in Newark will cost you an average $1,435.

Jersey City

Jersey City is the second most populous city in NJ. This city is located on the east and bounded by the Hudson River. The Liberty State Park is located here in Jersey City. The Liberty State Park offers tourists views of the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. This park is the only location in Jersey that offers ferry rides. You can take the ferry to see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. If you are looking to receive Jersey City homeowners insurance quotes the price is $1,301 annually.


Paterson, well known for the nickname the “Silk City”. This city received this nickname because of its role in the silk production industry. Paterson is the home of the infamous Paterson Great Falls. Paterson Great Falls is a new addition to the Nation Park Service. Here you will see the falls of the Passaic River. The falls are a must-see if you are visiting the park. If you are looking to live here, home coverage will cost an estimated $1,300 yearly.


Woodbridge is the oldest original township in the state of New Jersey. The township of Woodbridge became settled in 1664. Woodbridge is famous for its fine clay deposits and brick. In 1859, Woodbridge was sending materials to the market annually, to produce 80,000,000 fire bricks.

Toms River

The city of Toms River resides in Ocean County. This city ranked as one of the top 15 safest cities in the United States in 2006. If you are planning to visit Toms River, check out The Robert J Novins Planetarium. This planetarium features the latest projection technology to show you the universe in many ways. The view is no longer limited to a view of the sky because the dome used is a 3-D video space. New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Quotes here for your home will cost $1,245 annually.


Clifton NJ has a population of 85,391. In 1998, this city received the name Tree City USA. This is because of the tree farms. One attraction to visit in Clifton is the Hamilton House. This is a restored Dutch House. Once inside, the house features 3 different time periods. These include Victorian, Federal, and Early American. This museum wants visitors to imagine how things would be if they were living in the past. They also want visitors to learn about how people lived without the things we have today. New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Quotes for this city will cost $831.


Trenton is the capital of New Jersey. It has a population of 84,309. The Battle of Trenton became George Washington’s first military victory. One tourist attraction in this city is the State House. This consists of a tour of the building, including explanations of its history, art, and architecture. Visitors also learn about the legislative process and their representatives. Have you ever wondered how much home insurance costs in the capital? A customer will pay an estimated $1,330.


Camden is a city in Camden County. This city is located between two waterways. Camden is close to Philadelphia. These two factors led this city to an early rise in the industry. Businesses here included the ferry service, lumber dealers, wooden shingles, pork sausage, and candle factories. Camden held the highest crime rate in the United States in 2012. It experienced 2,565 violent crimes for every 100,000 people. Due to the higher crime rate, home insurance here will cost you on average, $1,236.

Cherry Hill

Located in the Delaware Valley coastal plain is Cherry Hill. This city is only 9 miles southeast of Philadelphia. The first enclosed mall on the East Coast was in Cherry Hill. As a result, it is still a popular destination today. Cherry Hill is also home to the Wine Room. At the Wine Room, visitors can use professional wine equipment. This includes real wine presses to bottle the wine and personalized labels. If you are looking for home coverage in this area, it will run an estimated $1,100.


This city is the tenth most densely populated municipality in the US. This city of Passaic is located just north of Newark on the Passaic River. The river and the city received their name from “pahsayek”. Pahsayek means valley or a place where land splits. “The Birthplace of Television” is the nickname Passaic is well known as. This is because this city transmitted the first TV station to a home in Passaic. Passaic also transmitted the first movie. Home insurance rates here will cost you an average of $1,126.