Get New Jersey Car Insurance Quotes Instantly

Get New Jersey Car Insurance Quotes Instantly

It’s unlikely that you have ever sat down and gone through your insurance coverages line by line to really understand what’s in them. Even when you go out to get New Jersey car insurance quotes instantly it’s probably a scary prospect That’s because policies are full of what sounds like legalese or at the very least, trade jargon, terms that sound impossible to understand.  It’s almost as if you need to have a dictionary at hand when you go through it.
But it really does benefit drivers to understand the ins and outs of the policy in case a claim ever needs to be filed.  But also, it’s important to understand what you have purchased to make sure that you’re getting a good deal.
First, you don’t want to underinsured, which means you need to know what the state’s minimum liability requirements are.  But you don’t want to over-insure, either. After all, you’ve got plenty of other bills to pay and don’t want an insurance bill that is larger than it needs to be.
And while we think we should be able to trust vendors to give us the best deal possible when we get New Jersey car insurance quotes, we won’t know for sure unless we understand the details.
We should also compare multiple vendors who may offer the same coverage, only  at lower cost.  Or perhaps some vendors offer discounts that others do not.  It’s true that the older generation often knew their agents personally, whereas in our high-tech world, much of this kind of business is done online. But that is more of an advantage, in that it puts all kinds of information at our fingertips  for easy comparison. If we have looked at three or four different carriers, we can be pretty well assured that we have made a cost-effective decision.
What discounts might be available? Discounts […]

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What Are the Types of New Jersey Car Insurance

What Are the Types of New Jersey Car Insurance?

Even if you are only involved in a small accident, you face dire consequences if you do not have the proper types of New Jersey car insurance.  In New Jersey, as in most other states it is the law that all drivers must have liability coverage.  If you do not have the required policy and have an accident or are caught at a traffic stop, you will have your license and registration suspended.  And guess what?  It costs $500.00 to have them restored.  Not to mention if there are medical expenses too.  So don’t mess around.
There are seven different types of New Jersey coverage: comprehensive, uninsured motorist protection, liability, collision, gap, medical/personal-injury protection, and no-fault.
Here’s an explanation of all seven to help you decide which ones will benefit you and your situation and which ones you don’t need.
Types of New Jersey Car Insurance


In the case where state law dictates that you must have coverage for your car, as it does for New Jersey car insurance, what they want you to have is called liability coverage.  Should you have an accident while driving and it is determined that you were at fault, then liability will take care of the expense involved repairing or replacing any property which was damaged or destroyed in the accident.


While it isn’t the law that you need to have collision coverage  doing so is a logical step to take.  You see, if you are involved in an accident and have only liability, regardless of whether or not you were at fault, you could end up in the position of being left with a damaged car and no money to have it repaired.  Under […]

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